Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), events around the world are either postponed or cancelled. Please visit the respective schedule pages in the “Schedule & Results” section for updates by event.


EventCostsWho Can HitAmateur/ProPrize MoneyWorld Ranking Points
Long Drive
See AmateurLongDrive.comYouth 13 and under.
Juniors 14-17.
Open (Any age).
Senior 45-59. Super Senior 60-69, 70+
AmateurNoNo (potential points TBD for XLD events only)
Sanctioned EventVaries by EventVaries by EventPro*YesYes
WLD Q-Series$50 per hitting slot in the Local Qualifier; $225 if advance to afternoon Regional QualifierAnyone 18 years or older (Women / Masters do not need to enter qualifiers in North America; but they are welcome!)Pro / Amateur for Stage 1-Preliminary; Pro / Amateur for Stage 2-Final*No

Stage 1-Preliminary: No

Stage 2-Final: Yes

Global Q-SeriesVaries by countryVaries by countryVaries by countryVaries by countryYes
WLD Tour$750 Open; $500 Women; $500 MastersSelection is based on world rankings (first right goes to Top 50 hitters in world, 2 Hitters from select Q-Series Finals Play-In, remaining field is filled by world ranking points after) in Open Division; Women and Masters may enter directly to eventPro*

Yes (see individual event pages on WorldLong


World Long Drive ChampionshipRanges from $0-$500 depending on method of qualification.Open Hitters must qualify (see WLD Sport Manual), Masters Hitters are invite only and Women can enter directly into WLDCPro*

Yes (see individual event page on WorldLong




The WLD Q-Series (formerly called Qualifiers) serves a multitude of purposes. 1) It is the primary competition for new people interested in long drive to try the sport and see how they stack up against other competitors, 2) the 3 winners from each day qualify to compete in the World Long Drive Championship at Cog Hill in Chicago starting Sept 3rd, 3) grants World Ranking Points to top finishers. The full schedule of qualifier events is posted in the Schedule & Results section on WorldLongDrive.com.

What do I qualify for?

One of the great traditions of the sport of long drive is to give anyone the chance to qualify for the World Long Drive Championship. The 45th WLDC will be held in September 2020. There will be an Open Division field of 112 athletes at the WLDC and more than 60 will come from the WLD Q-Series. See if you have what it takes! While making the World Championship isn’t everyone’s goal, the qualifiers are also a great place to get introduced to competition and start to earn world ranking points for the future.

Who can participate?

Anyone 18 years and older can participate in the Open Division. There is not currently a specific Q-Series for the Women’s or Masters divisions for the WLDC. We welcome men, women and Masters to participate even if you just want the experience the adrenaline rush of competing. Anyone over 18 for the Women’s division can enter directly into the World Long Drive Championship without the need for entering a qualifier. Masters division eligibility for the World Long Drive Championship is handled on an invitation only basis.

What do some of the terms related to Q-Series mean?

If you’re new to the sport, there are a few terms that are helpful to learn to make your first experience better, including:

- Tee box – it looks exactly like a tee box in golf. At some events this will be on a turf platform while others will be hitting off grass

- Spot – when you sign up, $50 purchases a single spot within a specified 1-hour block. This is analogous to a tee time in golf.

- Block – hour long period in Stage 1-Preliminary that holds 52 spots. There are 4 blocks per day.

- Set – the Hitters six (6) balls allotted during each spot

How does the format for Q-Series work?

Registration can be done online in advance or on-site at the event. Registering in advance provides the most flexibility on picking your preferred times (blocks). On-site registration is subject to availability and spots can’t be guaranteed.

  • Stage 1-Preliminary: Everyone starts here

o Each Hitter can sign up for up to 5 slots per block. (Choose wisely, though, as picking too many spots can be hard to maintain endurance. Also, if you purchase spots in later blocks but qualify for Stage 2-Final in an earlier block (more on that below), those spots are forfeited to the WLDA with no refund)

o Hitter will be on the tee box at the same time as three other Hitters and will hit six (6) balls in 2 minutes and 30 seconds (2:30)

o Hitter’s longest ball from their set will count

o 4 individual Hitters who had the longest distances per block will move on to Stage 2-Final.

o It is the Hitter’s responsibility to be ready and on the tee box when your name is called (there are no substitutions if you miss a tee time for any reason)

o Find the full rules here in the WLD Sport Manual (also located in the footer here at WorldLongDrive.com)

  • Stage 2-Final: Top 16 Hitters from Stage 1-Preliminary

o 16 Hitters hit five (5) sets of six (6) balls in 2 minutes and 30 seconds (2:30) i.e. the Points Round Format

o The top 3 Hitters with the most points upon completion of their five (5) sets will punch their ticket to the World Long Drive Championship

o Find the full rules here in the WLD Sport Manual (also located in the footer here at WorldLongDrive.com)

How do I know if I am good enough to be competitive?

The great thing about long drive is that it is a welcoming community, so give it a shot no matter what! Distances will vary at each site based on weather conditions, location of facility, and grid conditions.

Are there minimum yardages?

For the Open division, the minimum yardage to be measured is 300 yards at a WLD Qualifier. Exceptions can be made on-site by WLD personnel should weather conditions necessitate lowering the minimum for the entire field prior to competition. Please see the WLD Tour FAQs for Tour events and minimums for Women and Masters.

What if my country doesn’t host a Qualifier?

For all North American qualifiers, participants from any country around the world can earn spots to the WLDC. Check the rules of the country-specific qualifiers on who can advance to the WLDC. Some countries may only allow residents of that continent or country to earn WLDC exemptions.

What’s the difference between the “Q-Series Stage 1-Preliminary” (formerly the Local Qualifier) and the “Q-Series Stage 2 -Final (formerly the Regional)”?

At North American Q-Series events, these two types of events are typically held in the same day and location. Everyone must start with the Q-Series Stage 1 - Preliminary (typically in the morning) with the top 16 from that stage advance to the Q-Series Stage 2- Final (afternoon). Spots to the WLDC will come only from the Stage 2–Final top 3 points earners. You can think of it like being analogous to “preliminaries” and “finals” in other sports.

Do I keep amateur status if I participate the WLD Q-Series?

Yes. Participants keep amateur status until they register and/or compete in an event with prize money via the USGA rules. North American Q-Series events do not have prize money, but make sure and check the entry information for global Q-Series events. In some cases with the Stage 2 -Finals, it does qualify you for events that earn prize money, so it’s best to declare as an amateur at registration if you want to ensure your amateur status.

Are there any amateur long drive competitions?

Yes. You can find amateur events at www.amateurlongdrive.com.

How many people qualify for the World Long Drive Championship?

Starting in 2020, the Open Division will have 112 total spots at the WLDC (formerly 96). Hitter qualification categories for the WLDC is broken down in the WLD Sport Manual (also located in the footer here at WorldLongDrive.com).

What are the rules of WLD?

You can find the full set of rules, policies and more in the WLD Sport Manual (also located in the footer here at WorldLongDrive.com).

What is the cost to enter?

Each spot at a Q-Series event is $50. Here are a few helpful things to know:

· Transactions are credit card only, no cash will be accepted

· If you purchase a spot, you will be charged (whether you hit in the spot or not), no refunds will be issued.

· You may give up spots at the WLD registration desk only to allow other Hitters to utilize, however there won’t be a refund

· Slots are only transferrable via this process with the WLD registration desk

· If Hitter qualifies for Stage 2-Final in an earlier Stage 1-Preliminary block on a given day but has purchased additional spots in later blocks, those spots are forfeited to the WLDA and may be resold at WLDA’s sole discretion. There will be no refunds for those additional purchased spots.

· You may buy additional spots on-site if spots are available

· Important: Only WLD registration personnel can make changes to hitting order, times, etc.

How are yardages measured?

We have an experienced team supporting our WLD events who utilize the markings on the grid to determine the yardage. A typical grid has the markings that look like an American football field to make it easy and reliable to get accurate distances.

What is the policy for any cancellations due to weather?

The WLD team will make best efforts to resume competition on the scheduled dates, even if delayed. In the circumstance of an event being cancelled, watch the specific web page for that event and World Long Drive social handles for updated information.

Do I need special long drive equipment?

It is not necessary to have specialized equipment to participate in the Q-Series. Many Hitters use their “everyday” driver from traditional golf. As you advance in the sport, you will see the benefits of custom long drive equipment that can be obtained through our partner at Impact Precision Golf. While we are partial to our partner Callaway, you may hit the club of your choice if it is USGA conforming in all specs.

Can I buy equipment at the Q-Series?

At most events, yes. WLD partners with Impact Precision Golf to provide a trailer on-site with club heads, shafts, gloves, tees, etc., for purchase. Rental of equipment is not available. To confirm Impact Precision Golf will be onsite at a specific event please contact us at longdrive@golfchannel.com.

What golf ball will be used?

At North American Q-Series, all competitors will hit the Top Flite Bomb. Golf balls will be provided for the competition by WLD. This same ball is also used for WLD Tour Events and the World Long Drive Championship. The ball will be available for retail purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods and dicksportinggoods.com.

What should I wear?

In general, you should wear traditional golf attire. Wearing shorts is allowed for Qualifiers. For the complete dress code policy, see the WLD Sport Manual (also located in the footer here at WorldLongDrive.com).

How can I follow results of the Q-Series?

At many Q-Series events there is a digital board on-site that tracks results. Remotely, you can see real-time scoring at WorldLongDrive.com.

Is there a place to warm-up?

Yes. All events will be in proximity to driving range facilities with range balls available for purchase.

Who should I contact if I have interest in hosting a Q-Series event?

Please contact us at longdrive@golfchannel.com.


WLD Tour events are professional long drive events both televised and non-televised on Golf Channel, that attract the top Hitters in the world. The full schedule of Tour events is located here at WorldLongDrive.com. See the Q-Series FAQ for many similar questions about equipment, rules, etc.

Who can participate?

Competitors 18 years and older can participate in the Open Division, Women’s Division and Masters Division (45 years old and older). For the Tour events, the Top 50 Hitters in the world receive an initial invitation to register with the next two Hitters coming from the Q-Series Finals Play-In. Then, the field is filled with the next highest ranked Hitters based on the World Rankings. For the Women’s and Masters Division, the field is open to all registrants on a first come first served basis with Masters receiving an email invitation to enter based on the size of the field.

How does the format for the Tour events work?

In the Open Division, it is a field of 54 and typically a 3-day format. It starts with a series of Points Round Format to get the field down to 32, then to 16, then to 8 finalists. The top 8 will then go into match play to determine a champion. For the full detail of the format, see the Hitter Handbook. The Women’s and Masters Division formats similarly include a preliminary Points Round Format, followed by match play to determine a winner.

Are the WLD Tour events televised?

If denoted with a Golf Channel logo next to the event, yes. In the U.S., the WLD televised Tour events are broadcast live on Golf Channel and then have multiple re-airs on Golf Channel. The events are distributed to 60 countries around the world with a reach exceeding 130 million people. Air times and dates vary by location.

How are the world rankings determined?

The world rankings are determined by athletes accumulating points through long drive competitions throughout the world. See the overview of the world ranking lists in the World Rankings section of WorldLongDrive.com.

Do I keep amateur status if I participate in a Tour event?

Yes, if amateur status is declared at time of registration and prior to the start of competition, then an athlete may forfeit prize money and keep amateur status.

What are the rules of WLD?

You can find the full set of rules, policies and more in the WLD Sport Manual (also located in the footer here at WorldLongDrive.com). An abbreviated version can be found in the About section of WorldLongDrive.com.

What is the cost to enter a Tour Event?

Each entry is $750 in the Open Division and $500 for the Women’s and Masters Divisions.

What golf ball will be used?

At Tour Events, all competitors will hit the Top Flite Bomb. Golf balls will be provided for the competition by WLD. The ball will be available for retail purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods and dicksportinggoods.com starting in early March 2020.

Who should I contact if I have interest in hosting a Tour event?

Please contact us at the WLDA – longdrive@golfchannel.com.