Patterson Advances to Round of 32 Despite Bizarre Series of Obstacles

Patterson AC

The Open Division got underway Monday morning at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bash in New Jersey, and the field of 54 nearly turned into a field of 53. No. 13 ranked competitor Wes Patterson (Jupiter, Fla.), was scheduled to be one of nine competitors in the 10:15 a.m. group of hitters, and wound up proving that sometimes, desperate times really do call for desperate measures.


Patterson – who already was behind the eight ball after travel delays kept him from arriving at his hotel until around 3:00 a.m. Monday morning – became victim to a literal roadblock while en route to Atlantic City Country Club that nearly kept him from arriving in time.

“I got up around 7:30 this morning, and on the way here all of the sudden firetrucks just keep coming past us,” says Patterson of his drive to Atlantic City Country Club. “Apparently, someone hit a pole – so hopefully they’re okay – but the power lines were blocking the street and they shut down the highway and we couldn’t turn around.”

This left Patterson with only one option, knowing that his trip would be for nothing if he were to miss his start time and subsequently be knocked out of the competition.

“I hopped out of the [parked] car and talked to a couple of fire fighters who said the road would be blocked off for around an hour-and-a-half, meaning I would have gotten here [too late],” he said. “Thank God my mom and one of her friends are here and were in the traffic jam too, so I left the car there and grabbed my bag and took off [running] down the highway for about a mile.”

Patterson jokingly added that Callaway should pay him for the publicity of their equipment as he, “was running down the highway with their bag” on his shoulder.

“I’m not in as good of shape as I used to be at 30, so I caught an Uber [once past the wreck] and got here about with about 20 minutes to spare.”

Luckily for Patterson, his mom and her friend were able to bring the car with them to the grid once the wreck had cleared, which is good since he’ll be needing it after advancing to the round of 32.

“I love this place. You can hit a couple of different shots here. A lot of us are players out here, so we can find a shot that works.”

Patterson will be hoping for no further drama, in order to shift his entire focus to trying to advance through the Round of 32 on Tuesday morning.

The video below is from Alexis Belton's Instagram stories

Wes Patterson


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