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Mile High Showdown live scoring and results from Park Hill Golf Club in Denver, Colorado. Follow @worldlongdrive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest.

July 25, 2017
Live Scoring | Mile High Showdown Women's and Open Division

Women's Division
Round Robin
Match Play

Open Division
Match Play (Final Eight)

July 24, 2017,Live Scoring | Mile High Showdown Open DivisionGroup A Round Robin
Group B Round Robin
Double Elimination Round

Open Division Final Eight
Ryan Reisbeck vs. Dan McIntosh
Ryan Steenberg vs. Glenn Wilson, Jr.
Justin James vs. Nick Keifer
Maurice Allen vs. Troy Teal

July 23, 2017
Day 2 Local Qualifying
Day 2 Regional Qualifying

Day 2 World Long Drive Championship Qualifiers
Landon Carbol (424)
RichE Moore (453)

July 22, 2017
Day 1 Local Qualifying
Day 1 Regional Qualifying

Day 1 World Long Drive Championship Qualifiers
Brad Skupaka (402)
Andrew Fernandes (396)






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