Women’s Field of Four Set at Tennessee Big Shots


The women’s field of four for Monday’s conclusion of the Tennesee Big Shots benefiting Niswonger Children’s Hospital is set.

Of those four, Alexis Belton probably had the most interesting past 24 hours.

Belton’s inbound flight to Tennessee was deplaned after a fire broke out in the luggage. After waiting around for another flight, she finally met up with a World Long Drive employee who asked if she’d like to rent a car and drive the final leg of the trip here.

“I’m pretty exhausted. Running on adrenaline, but still running,” said Belton after making through to the finals. “It was such a crazy flight experience. The best thing was meeting [someone] does graphics for the [telecast], and he said, ‘Hey, you want to rent a car and drive down?’ It was the perfect solution because the flight that I would have been on got delayed, and ultimately it was cancelled. So now I get to go buy some new clothes at least.”

Belton also was forced to compete without her clubs, which didn’t make it to Tennessee due to the travel issues. Although extremely tired after arriving at her hotel around 3 a.m., she still managed to put up some good numbers and power through the exhaustion.

“I think I used all of my body. I think a lot of times I kind of just try to not necessarily guide the ball but be really strategic with my swing. This time I was just very free. So, it produced really great results.”

Joining Belton in the finals is No. 1 ranked Phillis Meti, who already has three wins to her name this season, and is making her fifth TV appearance. Chloe Garner, winner of the Exchange Celebrating Service: Fort Jackson, and Heather Manfredda also made the finals.

The Women’s Division gets underway on Golf Channel at 6 p.m.

(1) Phillis Meti (Auckland, New Zealand) vs. (3) Chloe Garner (Somerset West, South Africa)(4) Alexis Belton (Ruston, La.) vs. (6) Heather Lynn Manfredda (St. Augustine, Fla.)

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