The World Long Drive rankings have been put into place to ensure a fair and equitable way for hitters to be seeded for competitions. Points will be awarded (based on respective finish) to hitters competing in official World Long Drive qualifying events, Tour events as well as other recognized long drive competitions.

How the Rankings Are Calculated

World Long Drive ranking points for each hitter are accumulated over a two year ‘rolling’ period, with the points awarded for each competition contributing to a hitter’s point total for two years with one exception: Points awarded at the World Long Drive Championship will be maintained for a five year period to place additional emphasis on the WLDC performances. Ranking points will then be reduced in equal decrements. An example of the two-year rolling period: if a hitter wins a Tour event and receives 1,000 points, they’ll retain those points “in full” for 365 days, after which they’ll be reduced in half to 500 points. Following another 365 days, those points will be reduced to zero. In addition to Tour events, this example will be modeled the same across qualifying events and other recognized long drive competitions. Points earned at the World Long Drive Championship will be reduced each year until the five-year period has expired.

Notice Regarding 2020 Season

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), global events have either been postponed or cancelled in 2020, which impacts how points are accrued and how points are reduced based on the calendar. When the season resumes, WLD will publish new guidelines on how world ranking points will be tabulated. For now, world ranking points will be frozen at current levels.

Rank Ranking Hitter pts Total Points
1 6250
2 5800
3 3900
4 3500
5 2500
6 2250
7 1900
8 1500
9 1200
10 1050