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Jack Smith: A Rookie Way Beyond His Years

Nobody has burst onto the scene faster and louder than Jack Smith in 2023. The 23-year-old rookie has one of the smoothest swings on tour and has become a household name after just four events. After a quarterfinal & Top 2 finish in two of his first three events on tour, Jack was able to find success in his most recent tournament in Kingsport Tennessee. The rookie was able to string together his best finish of the year, beating the World #1 and #2 in back-to-back sets to capture his first professional win on tour. Jack’s maiden victory came as he put his plans to attend medical school on hold for the time being, with his focus shifting to World Long Drive and becoming one of the longest hitters in the world.

            At the beginning of June, Jack Smith stepped out on a World Long Drive teebox in La Salle Colorado, for the first time. A debut that was pushed back due to an injury forcing him to miss out on the first three tournaments of 2023. His first taste of competition came in the regional qualifier where Jack excelled from his first swing, easily guaranteeing himself a spot in the 2023 World Championships in Atlanta.  “The Colorado qualifier was really my “I belong moment,”  I knew I had speed, I knew I had a pretty decent swing, but once I was able to do well in each round and go all the way through to qualify, I was able to carry that confidence with me into the open division,” Jack said about his first event in La Salle, Colorado. After his rocky start to 2023 dealing with the arm injury, Jack was still able to make the Quarterfinals in his first event in the Open division. “Once I was able to do well in that tournament (La Salle Event), it solidified my choice of wanting to continue to compete, especially with where my arm was.”

While Jack has plans of attending medical school down the line, the opportunity to pursue long drive has taken the front seat for the time being. “I would regret not giving long drive a shot. I know a lot of times, people on their deathbeds look back and remember the things they did not do in life, not necessarily what they did do, and I would hate to look back and regret not giving long drive a shot.” At just 23 years old, Jack has all the time in the world to see if he can get everything possible out of the sport of long drive. “I want to be the best I can and give it a shot, and however my career falls or the path changes, I will always have medical school as an option to pursue when I am ready.” Said Smith, who prepared himself well for the world after college, graduating summa cum laude from LSU in 2022.

Jack Smith will enter the world championships with all the momentum on his side as the most recent winner in Kingsport Tennessee. It will not be an easy road for Jack as the Open Division features winners of the last six World Championships with Martin Borgmeier ( ‘22), Kyle Berkshire (’21, ’20, ’19), Maurice Allen ( ’18) and Justin James ( ’17). Even with all the former champions in the field, Jack’s confidence should still be at an all-time high as the most recent winner on tour. Jack Smith’s rookie season has seen some incredible results and looks to be just the start of a very promising career.

 All the Action will begin on October 18th as Jack, Martin, Kyle, Maurice, and Justin will be a part of the 128 longest hitters in the world competing to become the 2023 World Long Drive Champion. For more information leading up to the event head on over to or on Instagram and Twitter @Worldlongdrive.

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