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World Long Drive is the home of the longest hitters in the world! You may be wondering how they got here, or how YOU can get here. Regardless take a look below at all the rules of the tour. And while we don't pride ourselves as being uptight rule followers these are the few we stick to. See you on the grid.

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Official World Long Drive Rules

Not competing in the pro circuit yet? 

Three-step Process

The World Long Drive Championship is open to everyone- pros and amateurs alike and involves a two-step qualifying process. Step one is Stage 1 (Local) qualifying. Step two is Stage 2 (Regional) qualifying and Step 3 is the World Championship.


Stage 1 (Local) Qualifying

The Open Division road to the World Championship begins with a Stage 1 (Local) qualification event where you show up ready to “give it your best shot”. Time and space permitting you may enter multiple times.

The total number of entries (tries) at a Stage 1 (Local) qualifying event determines how many competitors advance to the Stage 2 (Regional) qualifying event. For every 7 paid tries (per qualifying event), one Stage 2 (Regional) Qualification spot will be awarded. Ex. 7+ entries = 1 Regional; 14+ entries = 2 Regionals; etc. Based on total entries, as many as 7 hitters will advance to Stage 2 (Regional Championship).

To increase your chances to qualify for the World Championship, enter as many local qualifiers as you like and compete in more than one Stage 2 Event (Regional Championship).

Entry Fees: All subsequent tries purchased are $50.00 for six balls.


Stage 2 (Regional) Qualifying

You are now one step away from qualifying for the World Championship and a chance at claiming the title “Golf’s Biggest Hitter”. Winners from the local competition will advance to the Stage 2 (Regional) Championship

Competitors must pre-register for the event online at prior to the competition. Five competitors qualify for the World Championship from each Stage 2 (Regional) Event. All competitors are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.

Entry fees: $250.00 (Competitors must have a WLD Amateur or Pro Membership)


The World Finals

Congratulations on advancing to the “most exciting spectacle in golf”. Top finishers at Stage 2 (Regional) Events advance to the World Championship. There is no entry fee at the World Championship for those competitors that qualified through Stage 2.


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