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8 Holes Long Drivers Can Out Drive at the Masters

Curious to know which iconic holes at the Masters are no match for the longest hitters in the world? Find out here:

8. Hole #3 Flowering Peach 350 Yards: Monica Lieving: 375 Yards

Hole Three or “Flowering Peach” is a classic short Par 4 that is gettable for the longer drivers

on tour. Because of the hole’s natural beauty, it has been changed less than any other on the course. 2023 World Champion Monica Lieving hit her longest ball of the season 375 yards, which would have flown the 3rd green.

7. Hole #14 "Chinese Fir" 440 Yards James Tait: 452 Yards

Hole 14 at Augusta National is a stunning 440-yard Par 4 that stands out from the rest as the only hole without a single bunker. During the 2023 World Championships, James Tait hit the furthest ball of the event which rolled an impressive 452 yards. Interestingly, if James were to play Hole 14 at Augusta in a similar fashion, he would end up hitting his second shot from beyond the green, as the hole measures only 440 yards.

6.  Hole #7 "Pampas" 450 Yards ` Jack Smith: 457 Yards

The seventh hole at the Masters is a challenging Par 4 that measures 450 yards. The hole increases in difficulty with the greenside bunkers making the approach shot much tighter. In 2023, Kingsport champion, Jack Smith, hit his longest drive of the year, totaling 457 yards; A shot that would reach the green in one shot on this hole. This is something many players would love to be able to accomplish this week.

5. Hole #1 " Tea Olive":  445 Yards Sebastian Twaddell: 457 Yards

Hole number one at The Masters is an uphill Par 4, 445 yards from tee to green. During the WLD event in La Salle, Colorado, Sebastian Twaddell hit a drive that flew and rolled out to 447 yards. This distance would have been more than enough to reach the green on hole 1, putting him in a position to make an Eagles putt.

4. Hole #17 "Nandina" 440 Yards:      Justin James: 459 Yards

Hole 17 is a straightaway Par 4 that measures 440 yards. The 2024 MB Invitational winner Justin James had the 2nd best Season average on balls in the grid at 394.5 yards, including 4 balls that landed in the grid over 440 yards. Justin James would be in a great position off the tee on this hole.

3. Hole #9: Carolina Cherry 460 Yards: Martin Borgmeier: 459 Yards

The final hole of the front 9 presents a challenging 460-yard Par 4. While most players are focused on their second shot or their approach shot, Martin Borgmeier’s approach would be different with his ability to hit the balls 460+ yards. Martin Borgmeier had the fourth-longest ball of the 2023 World Long Drive season at 465 yards.

2. Hole #18 " Holly" 465 Yards Bryce Verplank: 489 Yards

The 18th hole at the Masters is renowned for being one of the most famous finishing holes in all of golf. It features a dogleg right, where the trees obstruct most hitters' chances of reaching the green. However, for Bryce Verplank, who set the record for the longest ball of the 2023 season at 489 yards, the trees may just be a minor obstacle to driving the green.

1.  Hole #8 Yellow Jasmine: 570 Yards Kyle Berkshire: 579 Yards

The eighth hole is a 570-yard Par 5 that proves to be very challenging for golfers to reach in 2 strokes. However, Kyle Berkshire's record-breaking drive of 576 yards would have reached the green with some extra yardage as well. In November of 2023, while in Wyoming, Kyle carried a drive of over 500 yards that ended up rolling out to just under 580 yards, setting a world record that is not expected to be broken anytime soon.

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