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Jeremy Nowak: The Swingman

Updated: Apr 10

World Long Drive features some of the most unique swings in all of golf. Competitors will do anything to maximize the distance of the golf ball, including changing up their swings. Jeremy Nowak, a former professional baseball player, used his past in baseball to develop one of the most distinctive swings on tour. His swing has a clear baseball influence, and its uniqueness is unmatched by any other player on tour. As Jeremy Nowak’s swing has brought him success on the Long Drive grid, the swing also draws a great deal of attention from social media. Jeremy Nowak has become a social media sensation who has built a massive fan base through his incredible skills in baseball and Long Drive. His content is widely regarded as some of the best on the internet, with millions of people tuning in every day to enjoy his engaging and entertaining posts.

Jeremy Nowak, a former professional baseball player who previously spent six years playing for the Baltimore Orioles organization, discovered World Long Drive after stepping away from baseball. In 2018, while enjoying an evening at Topgolf with his brother and friend, Jeremy experimented with different swings to see how he could best compress the ball. This was when the infamous “Nowak Step” swing came to fruition. “Two hours into the night, I just picked my leg up like a pitcher, and then I just wound up and hit the ball and It went dead straight.” Said Jeremy about the day the Nowak Step was created.

Since 2019, the Nowak step has become Jeremy's signature move, which is also considered one of the coolest swings on the tour. A bit of luck and timing played a role in Jeremy's start in Long Drive, as he switched his focus from baseball just as a qualifier was taking place in Rochester, New York. At the time, Jeremy was living in Buffalo and went to the Long Drive event with the intention of getting footage for his YouTube channel. "My plan was to simply film content with this swing, and I had no idea about my skill level," said Nowak. "The qualifying drive was 356 yards, and my first drive in play went 389 and then my final ball of the set went 392."

Jeremy had a noteworthy debut season in 2019, ending it by making it to the Top 32 at the world championships. As he started to dedicate more time to golf, his content naturally evolved, with a greater emphasis on golf content. This led to an increase in followers and exposure as some of the most popular shows and accounts in the world, such as SportsCenter and The Joe Rogan Experience, began sharing Jeremy's videos. One of his videos has garnered an impressive 176 million views, just outside of the Top 25 most-viewed videos on Instagram ever.

Ever since he was introduced to Long Drive in 2019, Jeremy Nowak has been steadily growing his social media presence and contributing to the sport's overall growth at the same time. Each week, he posts videos that receive millions of views, along with thousands of likes and comments, partially thanks to his smooth editing skills. Jeremy has mastered the art of social media growth by combining his two passions, Baseball and Golf. Having been a professional in both sports, he has been through and seen it all, allowing him to orchestrate his videos in a way that generates the best ROI. Jeremy Nowak, also known as "The Swingman," is a prime example of how to effectively expand one's brand and deliver highly sought-after content to followers.

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