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Anna Drahos & her Competitive Drive

Updated: Apr 9

For Anna Drahos, Competition was and still is Everything. Growing up as a younger sibling, as well as the youngest among her cousins, competitions were a constant in her life growing up. Competing against others was the initial force that Anna used to better her craft in anything she was doing. Anna’s road to the World Long Drive tour started when she first picked up a golf club at six years old. Back then, her competitive drive was motivated by her love of candy which was used as a reward in her initial days in the golf world. Anna’s experiences early on in her life laid the foundation for Anna’s competitive drive that she attributes much of her success in sports.        

From Anna’s earliest days of competing, it became clear if there was something on the line, Anna would do whatever it took to win. When Anna was younger, she attended a golf camp in the summer to help her learn the sport. Throughout the hot summer days, once all the lessons were done, there would be a competition on what the kids learned that day, with a reward of candy for the winner. Once the candy reward was presented to Anna and the other kids in the camp, she became instantly motivated. Anna’s playful attitude flipped, and she became focused on winning the contest, with the ultimate goal of receiving the candy reward. As Anna grew up, that competitive spirit never wavered, even though her motivations may have switched from candy.

            As Anna got older, her motivations changed as the game of golf became a place for opportunities in the business world. “My parents wanted my brother and I to pick up golf because they said the golf course was a place business deals are made, ” Said Drahos. “I always loved being outside, and golf was the perfect hobby and way to combine some of my favorite things” Anna’s time on the golf course growing up and practicing her  craft ended up securing her a spot on her high school golf team, where she was the longest hitter on a team that had a future LPGA pro. Anna concluded her career as the first player to ever qualify for the Minnesota state championships from her high school as an individual.

            Nowadays, Anna uses any free time she may have in her busy schedule to get out on the course. Whether it is sneaking nine holes in before work or getting out to a local simulator, the dedication to the game has not wavered since her initial days learning the sport. Anna has put together a strong season so far in 2023, with her best performance coming the last time she competed in La Salle Colorado. Anna advanced the semifinals, narrowly falling to the eventual champion of the event, Phillis Meti. The Woman’s division will return for the first televised event of the year in Kingsport, Tennessee August 26th through August 28th. Tune in then to see Anna and the rest of the best female hitters in the world tee it up on the Golf Channel.



By Elon Tuckman



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