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Drew Cody & His Road to WLD

Growing up in Millington, Tennessee, right outside Memphis, Drew Cody attended a Tiger Woods golf camp at 14 years old without knowing that camp would change his life. Drew was introduced to golf by his father and grandfather, who were eager to teach him the sport. Drew’s love for the game started early but was overshadowed by his dedication to baseball, leading him to give up golf at the age of 14 to focus on baseball. After spending approximately two decades away from golf, Drew Cody returned to the sport in 2021. His return signaled his intention to shake up the long-drive community and to show everyone that he will be someone to keep an eye for years to come.

After a lengthy hiatus of 20 years, Drew Cody found himself having to relearn the fundamentals of a golf swing. While Drew knew size and strength would not be an issue, he knew that starting from scratch to relearn everything from the past would not be easy. “Without practice, the positioning, and really knowing what to do, I had to start from scratch again, and you can see it now, even this year; I am still learning and improving with each swing I take.” Despite having been in the sport for a mere two years, Drew Cody continues to make strides against seasoned golfers, many of whom have been in the sport for over 25 years.  Standing at 6’4, Drew Cody is an imposing force at every event he attends and will be hoisting trophies very soon if he can continue his positive improvements each time he competes.

            For most newer competitors, pressure and nerves can derail their tournaments, but not for Drew Cody. Since his days playing baseball, Drew has always thrived under pressure and almost welcomed it. "I love being a bigger guy; it obviously draws attention and hate, especially in the golf world, but I welcome all of that, and the proof is in the pudding — I was one of the Top ten fastest guys in the world this year." Drew has dealt with people discrediting his accomplishments for various reasons throughout his baseball and now golf career, but that just gives him more fuel to light his fire. "It really pushes me, and even if what they are saying is not true, I still can look harder at my own mechanics to ensure I am doing everything right to put me in the best position to succeed; it humbles me in the best way."


            Drew Cody aims to imprint a legacy on the sport of Long Drive. While his career is still very young, Drew made strides in 2023. He broke into the Top 50 for the first time in his career and advanced to the Round of 32 in the Memphis event this past season, which was not far from where he grew up. The 2024 season promises to be an enticing one for Drew Cody; he will be at full health, having overcome a shoulder injury that plagued him towards the conclusion of 2023. Drew Cody is putting in the time this offseason to push himself to the next level and will look to make even bigger strides in the next season this upcoming March.

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