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Player Profile: Kelly Rudney

In 2019, Kelly Rudney went to the Toronto Golf Show with her brother, not knowing what to expect. As someone who was always able to hit the ball far, she was encouraged to try hitting at the Canadian Long Drive booth. There, she met Ken Long and Chris Mclean, both Canadian long drivers, who were running the booth. After watching her hit, they gave her a pamphlet and encouraged her to compete in the upcoming season, recognizing her abilities. That day at the booth marked the beginning of Kelly Rudney's career as a long-drive competitor. She has since become one of the best in the sport, currently ranked #4 in the world as she enters the 2024 season. Kelly spent countless hours practicing during the offseason, positioning herself for success this season and hoping to continue her rise in the rankings.

As Kelly began her long driver career in 2019, her future in the sport was evident to everyone around her. Growing up Kelly felt her distance off the tee stood out, but never considered a career in the sport until the 2019 Toronto golf show. “I never knew what long was. I was not sure if I hit the ball far or my friends just hit it short.”


At the golf show, Kelly's impressive distance off the tee caught everyone's attention when she hit her first shot at a whopping 275 yards, making it the longest shot of the event and winning her the title. This inspired her to start competing in long drive events, where shortly after she faced world champions Phillis Meti and Sandra Carlborg in competition. In just a couple of years, Kelly has made a name for herself in the sport and has not only established herself as one of the nicest people in the community but has also climbed up the ranks, currently holding a spot in the Top 5 as she enters 2024.


Last year Kelly had an impressive season as she achieved her career-high ranking of #4 in the world. However, she is not satisfied with that and aims to improve her ranking further in the upcoming season. She is healthy and motivated to win, and her desire to climb up the rankings has been her primary motivation during the offseason. Kelly said, "I am in World Long Drive to compete and try to win, but I am also out there to climb the rankings this year. I think I'm stronger this year, I have been working on my swing, and the plan is to climb the ladder. I don't want to stay fourth." After the World Championships, Kelly took some time off to recover and prepare herself for the 2024 season. With another year of experience and being fully healthy, Kelly is confident and poised for success in 2024.


Kelly Rudney has been a dedicated member of the Long Drive community since 2019. She is committed to growing the sport across Canada and bringing in new players to keep it alive for years to come. Kelly's positive attitude and dedication to the sport have made her a role model for others. As the 2024 season approaches, she is ready to compete and show off her improved skills at each event. The season will kick off in Huntington Beach, California, in just two weeks, and Kelly is determined to start with a win.

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